Hardware Hack: Clock

Posted by ProgrammingAce on Fri 01 August 2014

There was an odd conversation in the office earlier this week, where it was decided we needed more clocks in the office to represent the various timezones. We thought that everyone would get a clock, and each one would match the person. I wasn’t part of this conversation, but it was joked that I would just build one that looks like a bomb… so I did.


I took an Arduino Micro and a random 4 digit 7-segment display I found laying around and built myself a clock. The hardest part is that the display I was using is virtually undocumented, and had to reverse engineer how all of the pins worked.  I left the wiring rather cluttered for the ‘looks like a bomb’ feel. As a cool side effect, the wiring acts as a pedestal holding the clock upright. I can swap the clock between 12 and 24 hour modes, and set the time via the USB cable. It can be powered with a battery or over USB.

Back (wiring):